Woven Galaxy Tiny Hailey

Ships in 3 Weeks

INR 7,050.00

Some lovely patrons were asking for a tiny version of Little Lazy Hailey, & Tiny Hailey was born. The newest and the youngest sister of Hailey Family. She is adorable in all means size, shape, structure. Grab her along or Sling her on, she will be there by your side no matter what.
DIMENSIONS: 22.5(max l at the top) x 17.5(l at base) x 15(h) x8(w at base) x 4 (w at the top) cm 
SHORT HANDLE VERTICAL DROP HEIGHT: 10 cm (can be customized on request)
SLING HANDLE VERTICAL DROP HEIGHT: Adjustable from 50 to 54 cm (can be customized on request)
WEIGHT: 350 gms
COMPOSITION: 100% Pure & Beautiful Metallic Foiled Suede Body & Weave
Handloom Cotton Linen Lining
Handloom Cotton Sheeting Dustbag
~Single Artisan Made~ 
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*The model is our in-house design Intern, Esha. She is 5ft 5 inches tall