A Bit About Who We Are

Chiaroscuro is the creation of a growing team. Each member has over a decade of experience within the leather industry, both within India & outside of it. The experience has been with a wide range of organizations including fast fashion retailers, designer labels, exporters, large scale manufacturers, small scale workshops and wholesalers. We also have some young blood, contributing its yearning, excitement and sincerity.

While providing a strong training, understanding, know-how and skill to each member of our founding team, the experience also confronted us repeatedly with various practices that we felt could be bettered.

Chiaroscuro is an effort to create with a more informed, sensitive and sustainable approach.

Smriti: Founder, creative lead, designer, accountant, IT in charge, chief home-model for most photos, art director, website manager, social media manager, hr manager, voice at the other end of the customer helpline, chief financier & compulsive cleaner. 

See Smriti's professional profile here.  

Anuja: Graphic lead, illustrator, packaging designer, artwork maker, all round artist, social media planner, chai lover (even though she's trying to quit), compulsive chatterbox.

Pallavi: Marketing lead, social media manager, newsletter sender, chief in person sales advisor, designer, material comptroller, final quality checker, leader of the girls, coffee lover.


Himanshi: E-commerce Lead, journalist by profession but has a passion to work in ops!  We love her entrepreneurial vibe, insatiable appetite to learn and heart warming team spirit. Order processor, finished goods stock in charge, logistics manager, sales analyst and counting.

Anshu: Junior Workshop Lead, design enthusiast, expert artist, emotional, soft spoken and lovely. We love her passion for all things creative including whipping up a storm in her kitchen! New leader of the boys, product and leather specialist, quality checker. 

Mukhtar: Master, senior artisan, Assistant pattern drafter, design consultant, technical specialist, fine eye for quality checking, assistant leather cutter and Masterji's right hand man :)

Chand: Floor In Charge, Senior artisan, expert hand model, chief tea maker, part-time hand model, will sulk if he is mad at you.

Firoz: Keeper of the keys & Material, Senior Artisan, chief radio operator, newbee father, in-house everything expert, likes sporting a beret from time to time. 

Sohrab: Senior Artisan, can spend all day on the phone with his wife if allowed to, in-house clown (though he doesn't know it). Sports his big and very blinding wedding ring with pride.

Hayat: Senior Artisan, Mr. Responsible, quiet and work focused, will believe anything you tell him. Has a particularly beautiful and talented wife :)

Irfan: Senior Artisan. Super regular. Always tardy. Always smiling. Our expert in-house hand model.


Abdul: Artisan who started out as an apprentice with us! He shows a beautiful combination of artistic flair and a patient temperament. Quiet, respectful and always smiling.

Iftekar : Senior Artisan. Quiet, somber and work focused; but once that smile breaks out, its joy all around. 

Mumtaj : Wallet Specialist. Quiet and respectful. Super talented, with magic in his little fingers. Don't miss the Harry Potter-esque scar, on the forehead too!

Shamsher : Senior Wallet Artisan. Confident of his artisanal capabilities, and for good reason we discover! 

Aftab : Artisan and Assistant Pattern Maker. So tall we had to saw his stool short by a few inches :) Gaining confidence with his work and craft with every passing day.

Ishakh : Senior Artisan. Very confident and outgoing, all for good reason too! One of our finest makers.

Nirale: Our all rounder, in charge of packing, final quality checks, and material purchase. Upcoming artisan as well. Nirale is one team mate to watch out for!

Darban: Our in house leather specialist. Armed with over 20 years of experience in working with the raw material and we are lucky to have him in our fold as our leather store manager and cutting in charge.

Israil: Artisan. No more a newbee, Israil is shaping up to be quite the specialist of a number of our bags! He has worked with a number of major manufacturers and the experience shows in his skill, speed and professionalism :)

Azhar: Artisan apprentice. The newbee of our team! He has worked with his father in their family set up for leather goods making in Kolkata and is showing a lot of promise in his skill and devotion to the craft :) We wish him all the best!

Danish : Our all rounder helper, in charge of packing, stock counting, and monograms. Youthful, always smiling and showing us his hidden skills! We wish him a blossoming journey in our family.