Our People

Chiaroscuro is the creation of a growing team. Each member has over a decade of experience within the leather industry, both within India & outside of it. The experience has been with a wide range of organisations including fast fashion retailers, designer labels, exporters, large scale manufacturers, small scale workshops and wholesalers. 

While providing a strong training, understanding, know-how and skill to each member of our founding team, the experience also confronted us repeatedly with various practices that we felt could be bettered.

Chiaroscuro is an effort to create with a more informed, sensitive and sustainable approach.

Smriti Sain: Founder, creative lead, designer, accountant, material procurer, final quality checker, stock keeper, IT in charge, photographer, photo editor, art director, website manager, social media manager, courier packer, delivery woman, hr manager, voice at the other end of the customer helpline, chief financier & compulsive cleaner. She doesn't always look this dorky, we promise.

See Smriti's professional profile here

Jahangir Ansari: Chief master, senior artisan, pattern drafter, design consultant, machine-fixer, in-house electrician, part time material procurer, assistant hr manager, creative support, senior quality checker, chief hand model


Chand: Senior artisan, expert hand model, assistant tea maker, material keeper, assistant pattern maker, part-time hand model, will sulk if he is mad at you, keeper of the keys


 Ehsaan: Senior artisan, assistant quality checker, assistant leather cutter, first one to arrive in the morning, Mr. Smarty-Pants.


Firoz: Senior Artisan, loudspeaker, Mr. Hot-Head, just learning how to ride his new cycle to work, likes sporting a beret from time to time.


Sohrab: Artisan, in-house clown (though he doesn't know it)


Hayat: Artisan, Mr. Responsible, quiet and work focused


Sarfaraz: Apprentice, the newest addition to our team. We are still discovering his hidden talents. But so far he has proven to be Mr. Tardy alright!