A Bit About Who We Are

Chiaroscuro is the creation of a growing team. Each member has over a decade of experience within the leather industry, both within India & outside of it. The experience has been with a wide range of organisations including fast fashion retailers, designer labels, exporters, large scale manufacturers, small scale workshops and wholesalers. 

While providing a strong training, understanding, know-how and skill to each member of our founding team, the experience also confronted us repeatedly with various practices that we felt could be bettered.

Chiaroscuro is an effort to create with a more informed, sensitive and sustainable approach.

Smriti: Founder, creative lead, designer, accountant, IT in charge, chief home-model for most photos, art director, website manager, social media manager, hr manager, voice at the other end of the customer helpline, chief financier & compulsive cleaner. 

See Smriti's professional profile here


Anuja: Graphic lead, illustrator, packaging designer, artwork maker, all round artist, social media planner, chai lover (even though she's trying to quit), compulsive chatterbox.

Mahima: Workshop lead, designer, production planner, material comptroller, final quality checker, dispatch planner, leader of the boys, make up lover.

Habib: Chief master, senior artisan, pattern drafter, design consultant, machine-fixer, in-house electrician, full time material procurer, material keeper, leather cutter, assistant hr manager, creative support, final quality checker, attendance keeper, keeper of the keys

Chand: Senior artisan, expert hand model, chief tea maker, accounts manager, assistant material keeper, assistant leather cutter, part-time hand model, will sulk if he is mad at you.

Firoz: Senior Artisan, chief radio operator, Mr. Hot-Head, in-house wallet expert, likes sporting a beret from time to time. Studying alongside from the open school to complete the schooling he left behind. We are proud of his efforts. 

Sohrab: Senior Artisan, Just Married, can spend all day on the phone with his wife if allowed to, in-house clown (though he doesn't know it). Sports his big and very blinding wedding ring with pride.

Hayat: Senior Artisan, Mr. Responsible, quiet and work focused, will believe anything you tell him. Has a particularly beautiful and talented wife :)

Irfan: Artisan. Super regular. Always tardy. Always smiling. Our expert in-house hand model.

Sarfaraz Jr: Senior Artisan. Quite and rather shy, this one scares easy but works rather well. Biryani hogger.

Abdul: Artisan who started out as an apprentice with us! He shows a beautiful combination of artistic flair and a patient temperament. Quiet, respectful and always smiling.

Sarfaraz Sr.: Senior Artisan. Simple but hot headed. Talented, tardy, super regular. This one we find is learning to bond well with his fellow artisans, support them and ask for help when needed.

Mumtaj : Wallet Specialist. Quiet and respectful. Super talented, with magic in his little fingers. Don't miss the Harry Potter-esque scar, on the forehead too!

Shamsher : Wallet Apprentice. Confident of his artisanal capabilities, and for good reason we discover! 

Iftekar: Handbags apprentice. Quiet, somber and work focused; but once that smile breaks out, its joy all around. The newest addition to our team, he shows a good proficiency to constructing even our most complicated creations and we are happy to have in our fold.

Rajiv : Our all round handy man. Runner, cleaner, helper, assistant leather cutter, Masterji's packing assistant. Big dreams and major ambitions this one comes with and why not we say!