Monogram Your Buy

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Personalize your beautiful Chiaroscuro with a maximum of any 10 digits of your choice! Its doesn't get any more official than this :)

We suggest placing your monogram on rear outer panels of your bags. This is a subtle placement, while still being on the outer shell of the bag.

On our Lizzies we place the monogram on the front top centre. For most wallets, we find a subtle location on the front of the wallet to place the monogram. For our Minis, Poppies, Neos and Nicolas, we suggest keeping the monogram restricted to a maximum of 2 digits because they are small items and too many letters will look too cramped and busy!

You can get in touch with us once your order is placed if you have any special preferences. Our default monogram colour will be gold if not otherwise mentioned in your order.

Please note that this is a service, not a product. Should you order just a monogram, the order will be cancelled by default.