Product Care

Each Chiaroscuro bag is made using the most carefully selected and outstandingly natural leathers. Every hide is unique. Tonal variations, small marks or scars are natural features that add to the individual character of each bag. These should never be mistaken for faults.

The tanneries who supply our beautiful leathers employ skilled artisans. These full grain leathers have no synthetic covering and some are even sensitively finished with oils and waxes. Certain leathers darken and develop with exposure to light; this is a natural ageing process. Particular weather conditions could cause leathers that have a greasy feel on their surface to release oily substances; any such residue can be easily removed with a warm dry cloth. Surface markings or scuffs that appear on some natural finish leathers are often superficial and the result of a displacement of the oils in the leather. You can usually rub these out with a little bit of pressure from your finger. 

Take care not to over-fill your bag as this will cause it to lose shape and weaken the handles over time.

When you’re not using your bag, stuff it with newspaper and store it in its dust bag leaving the shoulder strap out. For longer term storage undo strap buckles so that impressions are not created. Use a leather conditioning cream once every 3 months to keep the leather supple and stop it from drying out. Babywipes are good for keeping the leather clean, or you can try dampening a soft cloth with mild hand soap and warm water and wiping the surface. Never scrub, instead massage some conditioner in after it has dried. Oil, grease and ink are nearly impossible to remove.

Rain, grease and other liquids should be avoided as they may cause staining which can be impossible to remove.

Care should also be taken to avoid colour transfer from dark clothing onto light leathers. Denim is a regular culprit. Fresh stains such as spilled liquids or food should be cleaned up immediately with a damp cloth or leather cleaner. Before using any products always test a small, non-visible area such as the base first. Apply the product to a cloth rather than directly onto the leather.
Leather isn’t waterproof; if it is pouring outside, it might be better to use a different bag. However if it does get wet, blot with a paper towel and then pack loosely with paper while allowing it to dry naturally. Never place it in direct heat or sunlight for prolonged periods of time as this may cause the leather to crack or the colour to fade unevenly. 
Certain products with metal hardware might tarnish over time due to usage and varied weather conditions. These are expected and natural changes and must not be looked at as defects.

Colour changes over time and use are characteristic of the ageing process of our bags. They are intended to be worn and loved and will only improve with age.