Gingerbread Love

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Love is our multi-utility card wallet. Best suited if you like carrying just the important wallet essentials with you - 1 ID, 2 cards, few notes/coins, a slip or two if needed. Keeps one set of keys attached always. Carry Love by herself in your hand, clipped to your trousers, or inside a bigger wallet or bag. Move her from bag to bag with ease. Love makes a beautiful present. Add a monogram on her here.
DIMENSIONS: 13.25(l) x 9.25(h) x 1.5(max w at the top mouth) cm (accommodates 2-3 cards and half folded notes/coins/slips)
WEIGHT: 50 gms
COMPOSITION: 100% Pure & Beautiful Glazed Nappa Leather.
STRUCTURE: Semi Stiff, will soften with use
Handloom Cotton Sheeting Dustbag
 ~Single Artisan Made Made~ 
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