Tangerine Amie

Rs. 3,650.00

SOLD OUT! (Fret not. We can make-to-order too! Mail us on sales@chiaroscuro.in and we'll make it happen)

Soft, slim and beautifully delicate. Hello to you sweet Amie. Lovely tactile wrap-around tie loop. Ample, ample card slots, slip pockets and a zip. If you're the kind of person that carries more cards than currency, make Amie your new bestie!
DIMENSIONS: 18.5(l) x 9(h) x 2(w) cm 
COMPOSITION: 100% Pure & Beautiful Crunch Leather. Usage of the wallet will cause the leather to lighten in color and develop a natural patina over time. Scruff marks over use only add to the vintage character of the piece.
Handloom Cotton Sheeting Lining
Handloom Cotton Sheeting Dustbag
~Workshop Made~ 
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