Pickle Poppie

Rs. 650.00

SOLD OUT! (Fret not. We can make-to-order too! Mail us on sales@chiaroscuro.in and we'll make it happen)

Our answer to the much needed, super cute visiting card holder. In that never ending sea of tacky or just manly looking fellas, our sweet chica rules the roost! Plus just look how cute she is?! Hubba Hubba!
DIMENSIONS: 11(l) x 7(h) cm 
COMPOSITION: 100% Pure & Beautiful Semi Veg Tanned Leather. The leather has been specially handled to give a used and vintage look. Please expect variations in texture and tonality. This is the beauty of a natural material like leather.
Handloom Cotton Linen Lining
Handloom Cotton Sheeting Dustbag
 ~Workshop Made~ 
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