Petunia Emma

Rs. 8,650.00

SOLD OUT! (Fret not. We can make-to-order too! Mail us on and we'll make it happen)

Big enough to fit a dead body in (we kid), Emma has handy little pockets on the front and back to hide away your oft-needed loves. Plus a super-awesome claw clip inside so you never lose sight of your keys ever again.
DIMENSIONS: 40(l) x 34(h) x 16.5(w) cm 
COMPOSITION: 100% Pure & Beautiful Dyed and Milled Crust Leather. Completely natural top grain texture and feel. No added chemical processing or color correction. Any scruffs or marks are natural characteristics of the leather and must not be treated as defects.
Handloom Cotton Linen Lining
Handloom Cotton Jute Dustbag
~Workshop Made~ 
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