Olive Slate Faith

Rs. 1,850.00

SOLD OUT! (Fret not. We can make-to-order too! Mail us on sales@chiaroscuro.in and we'll make it happen)

Faith is our precious half wallet. Best suited if you like carrying cards/few notes/slips/coins and want like seeing them organized and visible all at one time. Faith makes a beautiful present as well. Plus you could add a monogram on her here.
DIMENSIONS: 10(l) x 10(h) cm (accommodates 6 credit cards and half folded notes/coins/slips)
WEIGHT: 75 gms
COMPOSITION: 100% Pure & Beautiful Crunch Leather Outer and Glazed Leather InnerUsage of the wallet will cause cause the leather to deepen beautifully in color. Scruff marks with usage only add to the vintage character of the piece and can be evened out with soft brush
Handloom Cotton Sheeting Dustbag
 ~Single Artisan Made Made~ 
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