Gingerbread Jojo

Rs. 7,850.00

SOLD OUT! (Fret not. We can make-to-order too! Mail us on and we'll make it happen)

There never was a bag more chic or compact. Jojo fits in your important essentials (read wallet, phone, cosmetic pouch, keys, spectacle case, pens and a small tablet) and ensures you look business meeting, drinks or just errand ready in minutes! 
DIMENSIONS: 29(l at base) x 28(l along the zip) x 18(h) x 10(w) cm (will fit an ipad mini / kindle with ease)
COMPOSITION: 100% Pure & Beautiful Crunch Leather. Usage of the bag will cause cause the leather to evolve beautifully in color and texture. Please expect variations in texture and tonality. This is the beauty of a natural material like leather. Scruff marks with use are to be expected and bring out the beauty of this semi rustic finish. These can be evened out with a leather cream.
Handloom Cotton Jute Dustbag
~Single Artisan Made~ 
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