The Philosophy

We are an all inclusive studio and workshop. We design our own bags, source the materials directly, make each piece in-house, photograph them (no fancy cameras, photoshop editing or photo filters we promise!), ship them ourselves and even manage our e-store and social media independently. We take complete responsibility for everything we make and say.

We believe in a sustainable way of life. Our pieces are made to be worn every day and used repeatedly for many years to come. We've designed bags we love ourselves (we literally use them everyday!) and have tested them thoroughly over time and rough use.

Our workshop is always available to help service your buys. Smriti and the team behind the scenes are also always an email away if you need help choosing the right bag for you. We don't promote impulse buys! Take your time, choose the bag that will be perfect for your style and needs and take us along on this journey ~ 

Our leathers are sourced from sample and stock lots of various tanneries and suppliers around the country in an effort to put to good use, the material that has already been tanned and created and avoid wastage. All fabrics used are natural fibers that are hand loomed with love.

We love the simple way of life. No gimmicks, no propoganda.

Just dreams, value, love and happiness.


** For best viewing effect, please allow the complete video to stream before hitting play.

WorkshopMade from Studio Chiaroscuro on Vimeo.


Each piece crafted at Chiaroscuro is "Single Artisan Made". This is a practice we are particularly proud of.

This means that each creation has been crafted from beginning to very end by a single artisan.

No dispassionate assembly line, no disconnect with the complete process.

Each artisan works only on one creation at a time, devoting his complete attention, skilled craftsmanship and accumulated knowledge to the process. Not all artisans are able to do this. The fact that our team can is a testimony of the level of craftsmanship that each maker of our workshop has. The outcome is an individuality so precious that each piece couldn't possibly be more unique. Quality so superior, we guarantee a pleasant surprise when you receive your Chiaroscuro in the mail. And a crafting process so beautiful and personal, its plain to see. 

Leather work is a specialized craft. This mode of working is our little way of ensuring the craft is kept alive in its truest form.